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Bonus/Finance Lease 

Depending on the solution you choose, you may be able to claim up to 100% of the lease cost. This has no limitations or penalties associated with your mileage requirements and allows you to receive the profit from the eventual sale of the asset!
This option can be utilised for Cars, Utes, Vans etc.

Conditional Purchase/Loan

A great alternative to outright purchase. If you are a traditional cash buyer, this finance solution allows you to spread the cost over a selected period and use the retained working capital for more profitable purposes. GST is claimable up front, with interest charges claimed as an expense with the normal depreciation. The final Payment provides full ownership of the asset.
This option can be utilised for Trucks and Machinery, Plant and Equipment, Boats and Planes, as well as Vehicles.


Security Agreement

A finance solution that allows you to release capital tied up in current vehicles and/or assets. This includes any requirements around repairs or maintenance, GST or tax payments, or cash injection for new business growth. This option can be utilised with most securable assets. Interest Charges can be claimed and the final payment returns full ownership of the asset.

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